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Ignite Your Healing

with Ceremony, Music, Movement, Meditation & Plant Medicine


I see you and I honour you...

Hello, I'm Angie. I'm a Ceremonialist with Kejawen lineage, an Energy Healer, and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and DJ, who is in my element when I am holding sacred space for others. In these sacred spaces, I bring in my medicine of Ceremony, Music, Movement, Meditation, and Energy Healing, to allow you to reunite with Self, shedding limiting beliefs and experiencing a freedom like no other. 

I host SACRED FLOW, public Cacao Ceremonies and silent DJ'd Ecstatic Dances in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia, that are carefully curated and gently guided. I also work with private groups to bring in healing through movement, meditation, and the element of play at wellness retreats. You will also find me facilitating early morning dances and sharing joy outdoors in nature, through the brand Secret Sunrise, which is open to all ages.

I look forward to journeying, moving, and holding ceremony with you. Allow me to help you experience pure joy, bliss, and a deep connection with yourself and others through the modalities that I absolutely love to work with.

The highest in me honours the highest in you...


Why Naturopathy

Why Work With Me?

My offerings can help you with...



Movement, Meditation, Music, Reiki, and Ceremonial Cacao can greatly reduce feelings of stress or overwhelm. 


These healing modalities can help you find a sense of balance in both the mind, in the body, and in turn the spirit.


I can help you feel more calm, at peace, and relaxed, returning you to your true, balanced state.


Feeling Connection

Through all my sessions, I aim to reconnect you with yourself, with all that is, and with others when in group sessions. This connection is integral to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Your Purpose

Find your life's purpose with more ease and clarity when the "noise" is taken away.

Finding Joy

Experience joy on a daily basis, from the smallest of things that we take for granted. Live life fully and in the present.


“Angie intuitively led us gently into the depths of our souls with meditation, journeying and dance. It was profound, fun and deeply moving. I cannot recommend Angie enough for her instinctive talent to hold a safe and sacred space for all.”

— Camilla Knight, UK

Upcoming Events

Join me at one of my special events designed to help you unleash and reconnect with yourself


My Offerings

Choose from a variety of alternative therapy services that I offer 


Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia 

Thank you! I'll be in touch soon.

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